Need tow-away assistance for…

  • Fire lanes blocked
  • Doubled parked vehicles
  • Blocked handicapped lanes
  • Parking on sidewalk or grass
  • Blocked dumpsters
  • Blocked entry or exits
  • Abandoned vehicles
  • Large commercial trucks
  • Are there too many residences and not enough parking?

Able Towing Service has 24/7, radio dispatched drivers that can help you get any of these situations under control. We not only address these issues but will work with the property owner or management company to assist in resolving problems.

We provide FREE State Certified tow-away signage that will help make it clear to your tenants where the proper parking zones are. When making a tow, our drivers complete a vehicle inventory with the authorizing party and then immediately report the removal to the local police department.

How do I get my vehicle out of impound?

For assistance call
707-447-2833 : Vacaville
707-428-6186 : Fairfield