The Records Section handles vehicle releases:

Please be prepared to provide your vehicle’s license plate number, VIN number, or a case number to assist the Records Section in locating the associated paperwork in a timely manner.

Some vehicles may be released immediately, and others may be placed on a 30-day hold. When your vehicle has been placed on a 30-day hold and you wish to have it released sooner, the registered owner must complete an “Impound Hearing Form." The Hearing Officer will contact the registered owner with his or her decision within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays) after the form is submitted.

A vehicle can only be released to the registered owner. Transfer of ownership through DMV for a recently purchased vehicle must be completed before its release. When the registered owner is unable to come to the Police Department, a “Request Release Form" can be submitted to Records staff. If the registered owner is incarcerated, the jail can provide a vehicle release form for completion by registered owner. Both forms give another person permission to obtain the release on the registered owner’s behalf.

The vehicle must be currently registered, or the registration must be formally in process. When your vehicle is not currently registered, you must go to DMV first to obtain the appropriate registration documents or a one-day moving permit. Bring the paperwork with you to the Police Department for the release process.

The registered owner must have a valid Driver’s License. When the Registered Owner does not have a valid license, they must bring a valid driver with them to the Police Department to obtain the release.

Vehicle release fees are as follows: Vehicles that are impounded or stored due to driver violations including the following CVC section: 14601, 14602, 14607, 22651(h)-driver arrested 22651(p)-driver unlicensed or suspended are $211. Vehicles that are impounded or stored due to vehicle violations including CVC sections: 22651(B)-obstructing traffic, 22651(n) road closure-notice posted, 22651(o)-registration expired over six months, 22651.5-continuous alarm within 500 feet of occupied building, 22669(a)-abandoned vehicles, 22669(d)-hazardous vehicle are $87. Vehicle release fees are payable in cash or money order and do not include the fees accrued at the tow yard. Each tow yard has specific requirements for a vehicle release. Call the tow yard at which your vehicle is stored to avoid any additional vehicle release delays.

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